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  • If you found your way to my website, you probably can put together that my name is Luke. I'm a software developer currently living in Austin, Texas. I like to work in both the frontend and backend of applications and enjoy crafting elegant solutions for difficult problems. In the future, I want to be more product focused and I'm currently going through the Advanced Project Management program at Stanford University to learn more about managing effective teams, building great products and scaling business.

    the best tv show scene of all time

    I will nutmeg you

    Other than work I enjoy playing and watching sports, especially football (or soccer as it's called in America). If I'm not doing that, you'll find me running either training for half and full marathons or just to get outside. Once I'm done with all the physical activity, you'll probably find me at one of the following places: Raising Canes, Chick-Fil-A, Home Slice Pizza or Buffalo Wild Wings. Keep judging but no, you can't have any of my fries.