I work directly with clients to build/design the website or application of their dreams. My goal is to save you money by providing you the A+ studio service, at a significantly lower cost.

I've helped build successful startups from the ground up, led engineering and product teams for more established businesses, and helped create products that are used worldwide. I've experienced the business world at all angles and have seen what makes a successful website and what does not. Let me help you with the success part.

My typical clients are:

  • ❐ small businesses in need of a custom designed website
  • ❐ small businesses that need help updating their current website
  • ❐ startups in need of application development
  • ❐ startups that need technical expertise &/or a technical lead

The Process

I will sit down with you and discuss the challenges you've faced in the past, what you want to accomplish and what kind of timeline you are working with. If we both feel like it's a fit, I move forward and build out a custom proposal and rough timeline for you detailing all aspects of the project.

Once agreed upon, I like to start ASAP so we can get your project out the door as quickly as possible and before the project deadline. Once complete, I hand over all files, and documents to you.

A few extra details...

If I think the project requires an extra hand in the design phase, I have a few talented designers that I like to work with. When this happens, this comes as no cost to you - me and the designer usually end up splitting the project fee together (more details on pricing below).

Communication is key for any projects success. I am always available to meet, hop on a call or answer your email.

The Technology

The technologies can vary by project but is mainly dependant on timeline. For a custom built website, I usually recommend utilizing Wordpress. In my experience, it's the best solution and I am able to give complete control of the content over to the client.

For applications, Ruby on Rails is my go-to framework for ease of use and speed. But if a client needs work done on a current codebase that is in another framework/language, I am happy to accomadate. In the past I've worked on Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby and React Native projects to give some context.


In order to make things simple - I work on a per project rate instead of an hourly rate. Here's some context:

For a Wordpress website that requires between 6-10 custom designed pages - it will typically cost around $2,000. This includes any touch ups, bug fixes and 3 modifications of the design once built.

For a web/mobile application, the cost will be higher but is difficult to estimate. The price will depend on the complexity of the application. I like to discuss this rate seperately.

Case Studies

Below you'll find some recent projects I've worked on. In each case study, I detail what the clients exact needs were and what technologies/methods we used to acheive their goals.